Chef Wolfgang Puck shares Chicken Pot Pie recipe

Photo: Tasty on Facebook

Chef Wolfgang Puck is once again set to feed the masses at the Academy Awards. The chef is planning on making his chicken pot pie.

Puck shared his recipe with Buzzfeed's Tasty kitchen -- and the video nearly shut down the server because so many people were watching it at once.

It has been viewed more than 10 million times on Facebook. His recipe includes a "very optional" topping -- a black truffle. Chef comments that he bought one, once, in Italy for $19,000.

"We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on [a] diamond, and you cannot even eat it!" he joked.

Click here to watch if you cannot see the video above. You can also get the recipe in written form here.

The Oscars are Sunday night, February 28, 2016.