Chief Craig visits the hard-hit 8th precinct after making his own COVID-19 recovery

Detroit police chief James Craig is among dozens in the ranks to make a full recovery from COVID-19. 

The city's eighth precinct, in particular, has been hit hard by the coronavirus, so Tuesday the chief stopped in to see how they're holding up. 

"This was a precinct that was hit pretty hard early on, so I wanted to come here first," Craig said. And after a quick temperature check, Craig was able to make his way through the building. 

"Some of the officers I've talked to candidly, it's been tough," Craig said. 

As the chief walked the halls he listened to stories - many of colleagues who were also victims to the virus - and he asked questions.

Chief Craig gets it because he's been there.

"When you get a positive test, emotionally and mentally it can wear on you. So having someone to talk to, and I've talked to a number of officers in the hospital, out of the hospital, and I encourage them, I said, 'Just keep moving. Do not let it wear you down. Get up out of bed. Fight.'" 

As for how he's doing now, Craig says he's doing great. 

"I'm like a new man. Working out every day. Working out better and harder."