Child shot in Detroit, a few miles away from peace march

The 4th of July may be a holiday but that doesn't mean crime takes a break, or the people trying to stop it.

Police say a 14-year-old boy was walking with friends near Robson and Puritan, celebrating Independence Day, when police say, a group of males opened fire hitting him in the arm.

The boy was taken to Sinai Grace hospital where he is in temporary serious condition.

Police are now searching the neighborhood for the shooter.

At the same time near the shooting scene a rally was held against that very kind of violence.

The rally was held near an alley on Tyler, where 19-year-old Jamiel Jackson was discovered shot to death in December of 2014.

Jeanette Jackson, Jamiel's mother said "he was dead when we got here that Saturday morning. He had already been shot dead and we don't know what time or anything."

Investigators believe his death was all over a cell phone.

Jamiel's parents and others prayed and went door to door desperately asking for tips.

A powerful voice in the city of Detroit, Malik Shabazz said "someone knows something. And if you know something, say something. If you've seen something, say something. It's not snitching."

If you know anything about who killed Jamiel Jackson, or who shot this 14-year-old boy, please call Detroit police or 1 (800) speak up.