Child with autism mauled by pit bulls after being left alone; mother arrested

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For the second time in a week a child is mauled by dogs on Detroit's east side.

This time it's a child with autism that's being treated at Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan tonight and that mother is under arrest

Police say her kids were home alone for about an hour and a half when her son was attacked. He is listed in stable condition.

An 8-year-old boy with autism is recovering after at least two pit bull mixed dogs attacked him inside his home. It happened in 4600 block of Bewick on Detroit's east side.

Police say the boy suffered  bite wounds to his face head arms and legs.

"It's a shame, it's an awful shame," said neighbor Dennis Williams.

The boy was home alone with two other siblings when the dogs attacked him.  The other children were able to pull the canines away and lock them in a room.

"The owner needs to take heed to what type of the animal they have," said Williams. "And what type of training they're giving the animal, because it's sad that a child got hurt."

Neighbors like Williams were floored after hearing about the attack. Police say three dogs were inside the house.

"I can't blame the animal for its behavior, it's the owner," said one resident. "A dog is really the reflection of the owner to tell you the truth."

The 8-year-old boy suffered some gruesome injuries but thankfully is expected to recover, he's in stable condition. His mother is in police custody, his siblings, with relatives.