Children's Tylenol shortages reported; doctors offer alternative remedies for kids

As we near the peak of cold and flu season, more and more families are going to be looking for Children's Tylenol - and you might have a hard time finding it.

Reports from across the country have surfaced that the popular medication is now hard to find.

"It is possible that it’s happening here with so many cases of RSV and flu," said Dr. Asha Shajahan.

But doctors say parents who are searching for this medication without much luck can look to other remedies for treatment and help to reduce a child’s fever.

"The ways you can do that is keeping your child hydrated and Motrin is also a safe alternative if acetaminophen - which is the name for Tylenol - is not available," said Shajahan, Family Medicine physician for Beaumont Health.

You can also find relief in a home remedy, she said.

"You want to do the old-school fever reduction by putting a cold towel on your child’s forehead, or on the back of the neck - that's where the body gets cooled most easily," she said. "Also (use them) around their neck; sponge baths."

If you are having challenges finding children’s Tylenol independent pharmacies say they may be what you’re looking for.

"As an independent pharmacy, like they can contract with more than one wholesaler," said Marwan Isa, owner, Lincoln Rx Pharmacy. "So in this case, we are going to be able to have access to more inventory than the chain pharmacies. Usually, the chain pharmacies only deal with one main wholesaler."

At this neighborhood pharmacy in Oak Park and several others that Fox 2 contacted, Children’s Tylenol was in stock.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health released a statement:

"We are not experiencing shortages of Children's Tylenol in the United States. There is increased consumer-driven demand for our children's pain releiver products in Canada, and we're taking all possible measures to ensure product availability."

Doctors say if you’re having difficulties reducing your child’s fever.. if your child is not maintaining hydration and is having difficulties breathing.. put all medication aside and head to your nearest emergency department.