Child's 911 phone call gets dad busted for growing marijuana

A policy that sends police to all instances in which 911 callers hang up led to officers arresting a man on charges of leaving three young children home alone in a house where they said he was growing marijuana. 

Anthony Joseph Cottle, 28, is charged with one felony count of manufacturing marijuana and misdemeanor child abuse, according to online records. 

The Cary Police Department told FOX 46 Charlotte officers were dispatched to 236 Maynard Summit Way Thursday, May 18 after a 911 operator was unable to get a reply when they called back a number that dialed 911. 

Cary police said in these cases officers are sent to the location of the 911 phone call to check out the scene. 

They told FOX 46 Charlotte upon arrival, a 4-year-old child answered the door and led them upstairs to where twins were found in a crib. No one else was home. 

Police said they discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside the bedroom. 

Cottle has his first court appearance on Thursday. His bail was set at $25,000. 

The three children are currently staying with their grandparents.