China trade war; Trump vs. Amazon

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The president continues his Twitter tirade against Amazon and China.

Tonight President Donald Trump announced another $100 billion dollars in new tariffs on Chinese goods. In response to the $50 billion in tariffs China is imposing on American products.

Are these the first volleys of a trade war -- or just one big bluff? 

And he also continues to attack Amazon -- blaming the online giant for shutting down traditional stores like Toys R Us and cheating the post office. Is he right or angry that he's not as rich as Jeff Bezos?

Plus, who do you blame when a self-driving car kills?

Roundtable 1:
Kelly Woodley, head of Orchard Mall 
Paul Eisenstein, NPR,
Brian Pannebecker, auto worker, Trump supporter
John McElroy, reporter, Autoline TV show

Roundtable 2:
Attorney Ven Johnson joins the panel.

On the Road:

Charlie Langton goes on the road and asks what metro Detroit thinks about Amazon's impact on the U.S. Postal Service and retail stores.