Chris Cornell's fans gather for vigil outside FOX Theatre

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A night of music and memories as fans of Chris Cornell hold a vigil for the late singer.

Those fans gathered tonight outside the FOX Theatre where Cornell gave his final performance as the leader of Soundgarden.

It was quite a contrast to what happened there just two days ago when fans went to the theatre to see what would be Cornell's last show. Now a much more somber scene as fans come out to pay respect to a life that won't soon be forgotten.

The vigil was a coordinated effort by the Metro Detroit Political Action Network to raise awareness about suicide, saying there is help out there - just call 1-800-273-TALK.

His distinct voice encapsulated an era.

"(It had) a profound effect, just grungy rock and Chris Cornell's voice just spoke to me," said one fan.

And fans were simply devastated that they will never get to hear Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden sing again.

"I tried to wake my boyfriend up and he couldn't believe it," said another fan. "He didn't believe me."

The early 1990s were dominated with what became known as grunge music - an alternative to pop with bands rising from the Seattle music scene seemingly spontaneously.

Pearl Jam, Nirvana and of course Soundgarden. Music that seemed to speak for a generation that like most people of a certain age want to feel like they belong to something bigger and they could find it in the music.

"I've been there before and I know people that want to possibly commit suicide," said another fan. "Or be very upset about their life even though it might be grand but really music is something that really saves a lot of people."

Cornell would play his last concert in Detroit on May 17 at the FOX Theatre with his band Soundgarden.


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Looking back, some say there were clues of an untimely demise.

"You can see it," said one fan. "You could see the signs, they were all there."

After that concert he would go back to his hotel room at the MGM Grand only to have his own security team kick in the door to his room discovering his lifeless body on the floor.

The medical examiner ruled his death an apparent suicide by hanging. His family released a statement to FOX News saying they feel his prescription for anxiety medication may have played a role, withholding further comment until a toxicology test is conducted.