Cigarette machine turned art dispenser drawing crowds in Wyandotte

The Downriver Council for the Arts recently became home to an art dispenser -- one of only 130 in the world.

An old cigarette dispenser was turned into a machine that disperses tiny pieces of art, with everything from jewelry to pint-sized paintings for $5. There are only 130 in the world, and five of them are located in Michigan.

The DCA spent the last year fundraising to bring the machine to their building, and now that it's arrived, it's been stopping traffic in the front lobby area.

"We actually have people coming in. We had an Indy craft fair here in March that people were just swarming around it. So, the word's getting out and people are so excited, and I'm so excited," said Tammy Trudelle, executive director of the DCA. "There's a kerplunk that happens when you pull the lever and they just get so excited about it."

Despite only having it for a month, the art dispenser is so popular that the council has already had to refill it. The dispenser is open to the public during normal business hours.

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