City Council delays vote on $800M District Detroit tax incentive

Detroit City Council delays a vote on a massive plan for downtown that would invest over $1 billion into District Detroit.

On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council was supposed to vote on a plan to create a $1.5 billion investment. Instead, they tabled the vote after the public got a chance to speak their minds.

"I oppose awarding hundreds of millions of dollars of tax incentives to billionaires who are not a good cooperation partner," one resident said.

Tuesday's busy meeting had people on both sides weighing on the proposed next phase of District Detroit that includes four apartment buildings with some affordable housing, four office buildings, and two hotels

"Obviously, to create more housing for members of the city of Detroit and opportunities for young people, like myself to work here and start a career here as well," another resident commented.

The city says, if passed, the project would create a $1.5 billion investment, create 12,000 construction jobs, and 6,000 permanent jobs.

Opponents said they already subsidized the Ilitch's Little Caesar's Arena a decade ago and the family didn't follow through with their promises. Now, they're opposing giving district Detroit the $800 million in tax incentives the developers asked for.

Congressman Shri Thanedar echoed those concerns as he stood with a group of protesters before the meeting.

"We gave the billionaires $400 million not too long ago and all we got was expensive parking lots from them," Thanedar said.

Meanwhile, after city council listened to both sides, they decided to hold off on voting until next week.

"We didn’t want to bring it back and discuss. Some of the things residents have said, and residents have asked for council members have asked for, and I think that’s fair and provides equitable solutions and lets us know we hear you," city councilman Fred Durhal III said.

We reached out to Olympia Development of Michigan. Their president says they appreciate the public commentary and value collaboration. Olympia says they look forward to presenting to city council next Tuesday.