City of Taylor fights bursting water pipes at several buildings

The freezing temperatures have burst several water lines in the city of Taylor and now the city hall is one of three buildings coping with major damage.

"The circumstances worked against us and we had the line break," Mayor Rick Sollars said.

There are dramatic pictures of water flowing over a staircase, filling a banquet hall at a city owned golf course nearly five inches deep - all the result of busted pipes in three buildings owned by the city of Taylor. All of these happened just hours apart on Thursday evening.

At city hall it was a sprinkler head from a fire suppression that ruptured and the water was cascading down the window at city hall, which could be seen by first responders easily because the police department is right next door. Over at the golf course however, it was a different story.

Clean-up will take a far greater and more expensive effort at the Lakes of Taylor Golf Club. A busted pipe in the ceiling of the second floor sent water pouring out for an hour or so before it was discovered and shut off.

A third building, an activity center at Heritage Park also had a pipe in the wall break, but since it's a seasonal center the destruction was kept to a minimum.

All three will likely be covered by insurance, but the mayor says the city is taking steps to make sure these problems don't go undetected again.

City hall was closed for the New Year holiday anyway but will reopen on Wednesday. As for the banquet hall at Lakes of Taylor, it will likely take months to fully renovate.