City offering COVID-19 testing for all essential employees in Detroit

Starting Monday, Detroit is offering COVID-19 testing for any essential worker in the city.

"Everybody who has to come to work in this city will now become a priority at the drive-thru testing site," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

Businesses are instructed to call the city on Monday. Officials will verify they are an essential business, and give them a code for arranging tests at the drive-thru site at the State Fairgrounds.

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The city will prioritize testing for businesses where the virus can easily spread, like restaurants and food handling operations. 

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure the employees coming to work are not at risk,” Duggan said.

The mayor said they have already tested over 2,000 Detroit employees. They will continue to use the 15-minute coronavirus tests from Abbott Laboratories for first responders including police and others who have had immediate exposure.

"If you are a city of Detroit employee who has to come to work because you're essential and you haven't been tested yet, you also will be able to call up on Monday without a prescription and you'll be able to schedule a test," he said.

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According to the city of Detroit's COVID-19 dashboard, a total of 9,372 tests have been issued as of Friday at the drive-thru testing site.

The city is offering $2 rides (though will take anyone can't afford the $2) to the State Fairgrounds, and so far have provided 85 people with transportation.