Classmates: U-D Jesuit teen hurt helping crash victims improves in hospital

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Friends of Sean English share an update on his condition.

One of the young victims in that horrific car crash that claimed the life of a henry ford doctor is still recovering after having his foot amputated.

Several classmates have visited 16-year-old Sean English who lies in the hospital Friday after being hit by a car on I-96 Sunday trying to help others who had crashed.

"That's just who he is, he's a modern-day saint," said U-D Principal Anthony Trudel.

The teen lost his right foot and was trying to use crutches for the first time Friday, Sean, deciding to do whatever he can to run and play basketball again.

His friends are  planning to bring him a signed jersey as the entire school signed a banner in his honor.

"You don't even have to tell him to stay strong because Sean's that kid," said Matthew Toma, a classmate. "And you know he'll stay strong."

Visiting Sean just hours after the accident, his classmates say he was unable to speak or open his eyes. But now, he's back.

"Joking with us and laughing and smiling and thanking us for all we've done," said classmate Kevin Williams. "But I know he would do the same for us."

As the students rally for Sean, they are also thinking of 17-year-old Keith Martin who is still in critical condition Friday. Keith had been driving to work when he lost control of his car and hit Sean along with another Good Samaritan, 46-year-old Doctor Cynthia Ray, who died Wednesday.

"Regardless of the circumstances of who did what or how it happened, people are suffering," Trudel said.

"I just pray for them," said classmate Michael Moceri. "They're in a tough situation just like Sean's family or the Ray family. I hope for the best."

U of D Jesuit principal Anthony Trudel says just days after the accident, Sean's family began visiting with Keith's, and now, these students,  planning a school-wide prayer with all three families as everyone is inspired by their friend's strength.

"We've moved from sadness to just hope and joy," Trudel said. "Knowing what he's going through and it’s just he has galvanized the entire school."

Another way the school is showing support is with #SeanStrong bracelet. If you would like to buy one contact the school through Twitter CLICK HERE or message, using the #SeanStrong hashtag or contact the school through its website.