Clawson hot dog eating contest emceed by FOX 2's Dave Spencer

The brainchild of two Clawson brothers and a single hot dog cart has become a Fourth of July tradition in the city.

The annual Clawson hot dog eating contest took place July 4, emceed by FOX 2's Dave Spencer.

"We grew up here, we live here. I work in the schools, my brother worked in the schools. It's just something we wanted to do and give back to the town here," said Derek Custer, co-owner of General Dog.

This contest started three years ago, as Derek and his brother Dave got summer jobs and thought about making it bigger and better.

The Clawson carnival has been a tradition for years and just by word of mouth, the hot dog eating contest they dreamt up became reality.

Eight contestants stuffed their faces with processed meat for five straight minutes.

"Five mins isn't long, you got to come out fast and you got to get going," said winner Matthew Holowicki.

Each employed their own strategy to eat as much as they can and keep it down.

"The squish method -- everyone is like what are you doing. I'm squishing it to make it a little softer and easier to eat," Holowicki said.

The winner ate 12 hot dogs in five minutes with second place coming in with 10 dogs.

"My strategy is always mind over matter ... It's not the guy left or right, it's you and that food," Holowicki

Matt "The Mutt" Holowicki walked away with $100 and a trophy that no one can take away.

It's a title he plans to defend next year.

"I'm guaranteed that it's going to be back," Holowicki said.