Clawson personal trainer gets to the 'why' in fitness

An accomplished personal trainer has a unique approach to getting his clients into shape - asking them "why?"

William McCray helps motivate each client to figure out their "why," and he says it helps them keep going and stay committed to their fitness goals. For Williams, his "why" came after he lost his mother to health issues when she was only 34 years old. 

"Probably around the age of 12 or 13 I got a weight set for Christmas and that was really my therapy. I would get home from school and I'd lock myself in my room and I would be lifting weights all evening keeping people up in the house," William tells us. 

His love of strength and fitness began as a child, and he's now turned that passion into helping others transform their mind and bodies at Willpower Fitness Group in Clawson. 

"Getting people to really dig deep and to get to their true reason why can be very emotional, it can take them back to some very tough things they may have went through," he says.

Ben Lange says he was beat down after his divorce and gained a lot of weight, but with William's help he got in shape in just six months.

"Building the self esteem back up to really get back into it, absolutely. Because my self esteem was crushed after my divorce, so it took a lot of motivating mentally," Lange says. 

Derek Brooks pushes himself in the gym so his family history doesn't repeat itself.

"I lost my parents at a young age due to health issues, some of it is genetic so I want to do my best to keep myself in shape so I can live longer and prosper, Brooks says. 

Once William helps them hone in on their "why," he goes into full fitness force helping his clients work every part of the body.

"My principal is getting the body to do as many activities as possible, to get the muscles to really respond. So any given session you may do boxing, kickboxing, a lot CrossFit type of things - so battle ropes, sled, tire flips - we have a lot of different tools in here to really get people going," William says. 

And after you leave his gym, William helps you keep your will power by keeping tabs on your nutrition and wellness.

The response has been strong, evident in all the before-and-after pictures plastered all over the gym wall. And those results are what keeps the clients coming back.

"I probably want my clients to reach their goal more than they do. To me, that's the ultimate win for me," William says.

He's looking to expand and also get an online presence, so those on a fitness journey all over the world can access his plan.