Clinton Township explosion's problems linger two weeks later

It's been 14 days since a massive fire and explosion rocked Clinton Township and the rest of Macomb County. The fire and ensuing explosion at Select Distributors and Goo on March 4 sent shrapnel flying for miles and killed one person.

Now, two weeks later, it's still affecting people in the area including local businesses.

Bob Hindman owns American Graphics Printing Company and says he's still dealing with the aftermath of the explosion.

"(I'm) frustrated. Frustrating to have to deal with 500 holes in your roof, water coming in, and penetration. Having to clean up what somebody else caused," Hindman said. "We’re trying to deal with it like nothing happened (and) put on our happy face. But it has been a little lull in our business probably people thinking were still trying to dig out from underneath the rubble."

The rubble has been all collected and piled up are the remnants of thousands of butane and nitrous oxide canisters at the now-destroyed facility at 15 Mile and Groesbeck.

Hindman says his trailers full of scraps likely saved the business.

"We did have 2 storage trailers in the back with scrap paper, one with used equipment that took a lot of those canisters that potentially could have started a fire or penetrated the facility and stopped ‘em," he said.

Investigators returned to the site on Tuesday but a formal investigation isn't expected to begin until next month.

Hindman says, even though his business was next door, he knew nothing of Goo – until now. 

"I’m not a vaper, I’m not into that l didn’t know what Goo meant but Goo Be Gone," he said.

Debris from a fire and explosions in Clinton Township on March 4, 2024.