Clinton Township man's daily Michigan Lottery routine leads to $300,000 with on scratch-off ticket

(Photo: Michigan Lottery)

A Clinton Township man's Michigan Lottery routine recently paid off.

"I buy $10 Cashword tickets every single day, and I always purchase them from the same store," said David DeBlauwe.

DeBlauwe bought tickets at a Marathon gas station at 45525 Van Dyke Ave. in Utica and got lucky.

"I bought my tickets as usual one day and started scratching them off. I revealed six words, then seven, and once I got to nine, I thought that was it, and was thrilled to have won $1,000. When I revealed the tenth word, I was in disbelief!" he said.

He said he plans to use the money to purchase a home, pay off his car, and invest.

"A lot of people say winning the Lottery is a life-changer, but to me it’s a lifesaver," said DeBlauwe.

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