Clogged drain causes mess in southwest Detroit neighborhood

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It’s not exactly class-three rapids at Vernor Highway near Waterman, but the pooling water hides untold dangers that some drivers are only too familiar with.

"Giant potholes that I fell into and I’m up to here with it," said Clara Evon.

Those brave enough, grit their teeth as their vehicles bump along, occasionally dipping deeper than most are comfortable with. Others decide it’s not worth the risk. The indecision and fear causes traffic to back up around the lunchtime drizzle Thursday.

It's not just westbound traffic.  On the other side, drivers are dealing with the same - potholes hidden beneath the water.

"They were just fixing it yesterday."

There are clear signs the city has been out to the spot before.

"I saw them taking the black stuff and putting it in, but the pothole is still there."

Once they maneuvered through the gauntlet, drivers had to dodge one last obstacle – a displaced fire hydrant. The city claims it’s a separate issue – nothing to do with the flooded street – but will be corrected just the same.

"This is nonsense. Do you know how much money everyone is spending on this?"

Clara Evon tells us she’s spent hundreds on repairs to her vehicle, simply from driving down the stretch of road.

"Four times in one month, and it's always flooded, always flooded."

We contacted the city who says it is the product of a clogged drain, and the waters wash away any repairs done to the potholes.  With the help of Detroit Police, the road will be closed as early as tomorrow to conduct the necessary repairs.