Coalition wants to expand Dequindre Cut bike path to 26 mile loop

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There's an effort underway to expand the two-mile-long Dequindre Cut to a 26-mile loop.

The Dequindre Cut in Eastern Market measures how many people bike, jog or walk every day. 

"We get about 1,200 riders a weekday, we can you make it through 4,000 people using the trail," said Todd Scott, executive director, Detroit Greenways Coalition.

The Detroit Greenways Coalition, which helped create the Dequindre Cut, wants to expand it to 26 miles.

The group wants to name the Project - The Joe Louis Greenway, since the Joe Louis Arena will be gone soon.   The project with extend north of the Dequindre Cut into Hamtramck, across into Highland Park, south through Dearborn and then connect up to the Detroit Riverwalk.  

"There's this big eight-mile section of the city is going to be buying this year and it makes this big loop," said Scott.

The eight-mile stretch is own by Conrail but the city is in negotiations to buy that property.   This Sunday they will be a 28-mile bike ride, limited to 75 bikers who donate $30 to help the cause. 

The ride starts at 8:30 at 2826 Bagley.

The bike ride may not raise a lot of money, but it does want to raise awareness for this project.

"There are folks going long ways on old bikes and it is just a matter of starting out and keep on doing it and doing it have a gets easier and easier," Scott said.

For more information about the Joe Louis Greenway fundraiser Rude on Sunday: CLICK HERE.