Coffee leads to longer life and better health, studies say

September 29th is National Coffee Day.

(FOX NEWS) Two new studies claim that drinking coffee can have long term health benefits, and the more cups the better.

One study determined that drinking one cup of coffee daily reduced the risk of death from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory and kidney disease by 12 percent, and by 18 percent for those drinking three cups a day.

The study responsible for these findings was led by Veronica W. Setiawan of the University of Southern California. The National Cancer Institute funded study followed 180,000 people of different races for an average of 16 years.

The second study, led by Marc J. Gunter of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, was conducted by European scientists from Imperial College London and looked at more than 520,000 coffee drinkers across 10 European countries.

Both studies were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and asked participants about their coffee drinking habits, as well as health habits including smoking, exercise and heart disease.

The studies were observational and therefore demonstrate an association, rather than proving cause and effect. Previous studies conducted by Harvard University have reported drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, lower the risk of deadly prostate cancer in men, and reduce the risk of heart failure and skin cancer for people who drank 1-2 cups of coffee daily, according to the San Diego Tribune. The heart failure study showed benefits vanished at five cups a day and paved the way for potential damage. Other studies have found that coffee can protect liver health and reduce the risk of death from chronic liver damage.

Of course, this is just the latest coffee study that says coffee has an affect on our health. Some of our most recent ones are below - and one even says that you could have 'psychopathic tendencies', depending on how you drink your coffee.

The truth is - moderation is always key.

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