Cold temps bring unexpected health benefits

It's easy to complain about this cold weather we're still getting in the middle of April. There is an upside, though -- these cold temperatures have some unexpected health benefits. 

One being, there's no bugs. No worries of mosquito bites or bee stings right now. 

Another, we burn more calories. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, after being in cold, a study of six men found their metabolism went up by 80 percent. The body is burning fat to stay warm. 

If your skin isn't dry, cold weather also might be your best friend. It can be the perfect astringent, tightening pores and reducing the risk of breakouts. 

When you've got an ache or pain, what do you do? You turn to an ice pack. Not during these cold weather months, though. You might notice your joints feeling less swollen or puffy in winter, because the cold air acts like a natural ice pack to decrease inflammation. 

How's the decision making these days? Should be pretty good, because glucose in our bodies helps our mental agility and regulates our internal body temperatures. 

When we are hot, the glucose is busy keeping us cool, but when we're cold the glucose can assist with our mental abilities. 

Finally, think about this: Your body's core temperature drops when you're trying to fall asleep. That's how you get a good night's rest. In the summertime, that can take up to two hours! But in this weather, we're already freezing cold.