College Street double murder suspect at large after east side shooting

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A man and a woman were found fatally shot on the city's east side Monday.
Police are still looking for suspect Courtney Hudson in the shooting, which happened on College Street near City Airport.

It was just before 6 p.m. Monday when Regina Evans realized that something was going on in her neighborhood.  She says after she heard a loud argument a few doors down, then gunshots.

"I heard a gunshot, well probably like two or three," she said. "But I heard it go off and I said oh my God somebody got shot.

"I heard people running saying call 911," she said.

Police and EMS respond to the scene with investigators say Hudson knew his victims well.

"He was the cousin to male victim and boyfriend to female victim," said Capt. Michael McGinnis. "The motive is an argument."

Hudson is 31, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

"If he happens to be watching we would ask that he surrender himself so that there is no harm to any others involved," said McGinnis.

Evans says she just moved to this neighborhood and admits the incident was upsetting.

"I hope that the family will be alright. My prayers go out to them," she said.