Community gathers with hopes of finding 16-year-old Amaria Hall

On Tuesday, the community had hopes of covering every car they can, with flyers that had Amaria Hall’s picture on them. 

"Somebody always knows something," said community activist, Malik Shabazz. 

Hall was last seen in Trenton in July of 2019. She was only 16-years-old at the time. 

"DPD is on it; The FBI is on it. Westland and Trenton," Shabazz said. "But we need the public. We need the public to speak up. 

Shabazz has been following the case. He said Hall suffers from anxiety and depression. Without her medication, Hall’s mother believes her daughter is being trafficked. This assumption came after learning Hall was speaking to an older man online. 

"She’s 16," Shabazz said. "Slick talking men talking to her and she hasn’t been home since."

Hall has been spotted in Westland and Detroit, after her disappearance, but it’s now been over a year. 

"The whole thing has made her poor mother, April Hall, sick," Shabazz said. "She’s sick. She in the hospital right now."

The heartbroken mother of 27-year-old Steven Radcliff, Beverly Winfrey, has stepped in to help spread the word. Her son was killed in a hit and run back in March. Unfortunately, his murder is still unsolved. 

"It happened 2 blocks from my house," Winfrey said. "He was walking to get some cigarettes, that’s it."

Radcliff’s mother and Hall’s mother are now supporting and praying for each other. 

"I pray for her every day," Winfrey said. "Just think of your 16-year-old daughter out there missing. That’s got to be painful."

In Hall’s case, a $10,000 reward is being offered. 

"If it leads to an arrest, not a conviction, an arrest, then you get the reward, cash," Shabazz said. 

In Radcliff’s case, there’s a reward raised for over $4,000. Most of the money raised was given by his mother, who wants justice for her child. 

"If you know something, say something," Winfrey said.