Community rallies after fire at Western Golf & Country Club

More than 90 years of history and mementos destroyed by fire, but the people at Western Golf and Country Club says it's still going to be a good Summer there.

The golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts will also be open despite the massive fire at the county club near Inkster and Five Mile.

With the building gone management and members are talking about the rebuilding process but more urgently, what about wedding receptions other events that were planned there.

"We're going to work with everyone who has planned an event here," said Andy Arena, Western Golf & Country Club vice president. "We are going to take care of everybody and make sure they are whole."

Arena said the community is coming together.

"Other country clubs and the church in the area everybody is pulling together to help us," he said. "It could be them next year, it's a great thing."

"This is the club of good fellowship and we've got a lot of good friends at other clubs."

Meanwhile the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.