Company's concrete dump in Detroit caught on video

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Work trucks were caught on cell phone video dumping concrete illegally in Detroit on the east side near Garfield and E. Forest.

Employees with Fabrications Unlimited on Beaufait near Garfield were right across the street from where it happened and recorded the dumping on their cell phones.

"Really you're just going to dump that (blank)," said the voice of the person recording. "Right next to the power pole too."

Jeff Hartung says he and another employee had been heading out for lunch Monday when they spotted a cement truck outside a vacant home.

Editors Note: Paragon Ready Mix lists Utica in its name, but the company's actual location is in Shelby Twp.

"Makes me feel like people are cheating the city," said Hartung. "How's this ever going to get cleaned up when people come and dump?"

"There was a truck dumping right there," he said. "We were confused."

Grabbing lunch and returning, Hartung says they spotted another truck dumping and about 15 minutes later another shows up. Hartung and his co-worker were fed up.

"We came over to talk to the man and he just rolled his window up and said this is what he's supposed to do," Hartung said.  "We tried to get him to stop -- but as soon as we went inside he dumped the rest."

FOX 2: "What did you say to him?"

"We just told him to take it back to Utica," Hartung said.

FOX 2: "Was it all the same company?"

"Yes ma'am, Paragon," Hartung said. "Then I called the company and told them to have them stop doing this but they assured me that it wasn't being done to begin with."

Fox 2 stopped over at Paragon Ready Mix in Utica Tuesday but those there were not so pleasantly surprised to see us.

The folks at Paragon would not go on camera but say there's a contractor for each job who tells the drivers where to "wash out" or get rid of the rest of the concrete. Paragon would not disclose who those contractors are.

"Who's telling them this is ok? And if not, who is policing this," Hartung said.

City officials tell FOX 2 this mess is certainly illegal so, we sent that video over to Detroit police.

"That (video) doesn't lie," said Hartung. "My camera caught their guy doing it and there's the cement."

Hartung admitted this lot may not look like much now but why make it worse?

"I think they need to come and at least clean this lot," Hartung said. "You want to show you love Detroit? Come clean this lot."