Concrete piece smashes through driver's windshield on I-696

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Imagine driving down the freeway and something crashes through your windshield - that's what happened to a South Lyon man.

"I immediately said a little prayer, thanked the Lord above, my two guardian angels - my parents," said Kevin Tozer. 

It was a very close call for him Tuesday morning. He was heading east on I-696 in Oak Park and just as he approached the Evergreen overpass something came crashing through his windshield.

"All of a sudden I hear a big, loud, boom," he said. "I immediately I look up and my windshield completely smashed through, there's glass everywhere."

Tozer pulled over, looked to the passenger seat and there it was - a large piece of concrete sitting on his back pack. It came within inches of his face.

"There was glass in my lap, there was glass everywhere in my car," he said. "All three kids' car seats had glass everywhere, but not a scratch. I was very fortunate."

Tozer called 911 and then his wife. Michigan State Police responded and troopers told him it was possible a semi-truck kicked up a piece of concrete causing it to come crashing through his window.

But after hearing about people throwing large rocks and concrete at random motorists, Tozer is not so sure.

"I have a lot of faith in humanity," he said. "I don't think people would do it, but at the same time I can't be naive to the fact that it could happened like that too."

Tozer rushed home and held his wife and three children tight, relieved they were not in the vehicle at the time. He is also glad he was not distracted and able to concentrate on pulling over to safety, knowing the outcome could've been much worse.

"Remaining calm in a situation like that because had I not, I could have injured other people too," he said. "I bought a lotto ticket that day and I wasn't as lucky in the lottery but I'll take the fact that I am still here. I guess I did win that lottery."

Police are unsure if that piece of concrete came from the bridge or somewhere else. State police did not receive reports of any other incidents that day.