Contractor team build new wheelchair ramp and driveway for family preyed on by concrete creeps

Now this is a beautiful moment - Debbie and her granddaughter Kaleigh coming down a safe, smooth wheelchair ramp on a beautiful day.

This project was powered by love.

Rob Wolchek: "What do you think of these people? 

"I think that they are angels walking on earth and I think God must have sent them here for Miss Kayleigh, who's our angel," said Debbie.

Michelle is Kayleigh's mom.
"I think if she was able to talk and say something, she would be very grateful and very happy that there are people like Tiffany and Jeremy and all the other companies out there that would do something like this for her," Michelle said.

Tiffany and Jeremy are the owners of Bonnici Conrete who built the ramp without charging the McNeal family a dime.

Last fall, Rob Wolchek told you how the McNeals paid a different company to build a wheelchair ramp for their disabled granddaughter. The job took months to complete and when I showed up, the ramp didn't even have rails on it.
Debbie and Charles, Kayleigh's grandparents story so moved Tiffany and Jeremy. They reached out to the family and offered to tear out the job and rebuild the ramp. 

And a couple of weeks ago, they showed up to the crushed family's home and started crushing the concrete.

Last week Wolchek had an update on showing the work in progress and that story got more contractors on board who wanted to help the family.

\Giovanni from Metropolitan Concrete called Jeremy to compliment him on the good deed.

"I was like man, I wish I could get involved in this and he's like, 'You know what, there's a whole other half of the driveway you could do.' And I'm like, great, I'm in," he said.

Metropolitan Concrete was out Monday pouring the other half of the driveway for contractor teamwork at it's finest.

Rob Wolchek: "And you guys are actually competitors right?"

"Uh, somewhat," Giovanni quipped.

Then, Giovanni contacted Sam Marino, his landscaping pal.

"I called up one of my good friends, Ray Weigand, from Weigand's nursery," said Marino. "He donated all the plant material for us and I called Trost Irrigation, Doug Trost,  they donated all the irrigation.  We put a new sprinkler system and lighting system in,  and we provided all  the labor and the rest of the material to finish it."

And the finished ramp and planter terraces look just as wonderful as the ramp feels smooth and safe, under Kalaigh's wheels.

"Miss Kaighliegh is going to have a nice safe ramp,  a place she can sit, look at her pretty flowers and enjoy outdoor time."


2020 has been a rough year for everyone but even in the toughest of times, heroes come through and save the day.

Wolchek: "So, you did it."

"We did it," said Tiffany and Jeremy of Bonnici Concrete.

Wolchek: "And how do you feel?"