Controversy in Huntington Woods over "Drag Queen Story Time"

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Saturday some people showed up in protest of the Drag Queen Story Time event in Huntington Woods.

However, many more showed up in support of literacy, diversity and inclusion. 

A handful of people from out of town came to protest what organizers say is a fun way to promote literacy. 

Moms and dads brought their kids to the drag queen story time at the Huntington Woods library for reading with a flare, despite everything going on outside. 

And that’s why many of the counter protestors showed up with smiles on their faces to show their support for story time and promoting peace, love, and understanding, and to be an umbrella, keeping demonstrators with Warriors for Christ Ministries from raining on their parade.

"It's about promoting an LGBT agenda It's about trying to convince 3 years olds that they can be gender fluid and its absolutely zero signs to back that. We’re here to defend children, while they’re here to defend homosexuals and trans genders," one protester said.

"I have no words, everybody should be able to love whoever they want and be whoever they want to be and I can't deal with the hate," Gillian Sopko said. 

Police were on hand to make sure things went smoothly as the completely full story time went on as planned. 

The organizers say they will not be intimidated; they are planning to keep this going on.