Convicted drunk driver who killed man sentenced up to 15 years

A man convicted of drunk driving and killing someone has been sentenced.

Jarod Richardson, who drove his car drunk on Telegraph and 6 Mile in Detroit on an early May morning in 2018 struck and killed a 34-year-old man. 

"Stop drinking and driving, you can kill someone," said Richardson during his sentencing.

During his sentencing, another individual listed off the injuries inflicted on the female passenger of the man that died.

"She sustained a broken arm, two lacerations on her lower back, and a fracture to her upper rib on her right side as well as other minor injuries," said the man.

However, Richardson's problems didn't stop with the early May incident. While out on bong, he was picked up again for drinking and driving in Oakland County. Citing this example, he attributes his problems with alcohol has partly one rooted in his family.

"I caught another OWI case, I admit I have done wrong," he told the court room. "I admit I do have a drinking problem. My family has that too, that's where I got that."

On Wednesday, Richardson was sentenced to 9.5 to 15 years for operating while intoxicated causing death.