Cops-N-Cribs program promotes infant safety

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It's called "Cops-N-Cribs", a new program designed to keep children in need safe while sleeping.

When deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office are responding to calls and see infants who are not sleeping in safe places, like on a couch or with an adult they can connect the family to the Oakland County Health and Human Services Department.

“It is important that deputies can help identify where the problems are and then together with the resources we have try to provide safe sleeping arrangements for these young babies,” said George Miller of the Oakland County Health and Human Services Department.

The Cops-N-Cribs program provides portable cribs at no charge to eligible families in need of providing a safe place for their baby to sleep and information on safe sleep education.

“Lying on their back ensures the fact they will not asphyxiate themselves as long as there is no stuff animals, bumper pads, blankets, those kinds of things,” said Miller.

The effort comes after two babies this week in Pontiac were found dead after co-sleeping with an adult, nine total in Pontiac since 2011.

“Nine children have been lost because of how and where they were sleeping. For any parent that is a nightmare,” said Sheriff Bouchard of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

Funds provided by several sources including Genisys Credit Union helped purchase the first set of cribs for the program.

“Saving lives is probably most critical thing organization can do,” said Linda Zabik of Genisys Credit Union.

Organizers say so far that two cribs have been given out to a woman pregnant with twins.

You can also support this program with a monetary donation. You can donate to Cops-N-Cribs by making donations to the Cribs for Kids organization with a memo to Cops-N-Cribs Oakland County Sheriff. Please contact Mandy Andrews at (248)-343-0129 with questions.