Couple deescalates, disarms man with gun on crystal meth at coffee shop

Two friends, enjoying coffee and donuts at the Wyandotte Tim Hortons were in the middle of a very tense situation.

Last week, they say 23-year-old Jawad Jones walked in after them, sat down. His emotions then escalated, cursing and crying.

"I can see him out of the corner of my eye and he seems very upset," said Anita Stinson. "Nothing made sense, except he wanted to talk to someone, someone was after him, someone was trying to kill him."

Stinson and her friend Brian Gottschalk – pulled up a chair, to calm him down and deescalate, whatever was happening.

"I just can’t walk out on somebody that’s in distress," said Gottschalk.

What they didn’t know is that Jones was allegedly on crystal meth and armed with a stolen pistol loaded, and another full magazine in his pocket – ready to do, who knows what.

"He pulls the gun and I’m looking at it like that’s a gun," Gottschalk said. "He just grabbed it out of his right pocket and he set it down there and says don’t touch it."

"I decided I’m not going to focus on that," Stinson said. "And I turned to him and I said, 'Look at me, I just want you to know that it's okay, everything is going to be okay.'"

At the same time, another customer called 911. and while Anita was engaged with Jones – Brian, who is familiar with firearms, made a life-saving move.

"I just reached over and i grabbed it and I said, 'That’s a gun' and I grabbed it, and I stuck it in my pocket," he said.

By that time Wyandotte police got there.

"They could have been shot coming in, patrons could have been shot, he could have shot himself," Stinson said.

Anita Stinson and her friend Brian Gottschalk.

Anita Stinson and her friend Brian Gottschalk.

Jones admitted to police that he ingested crystal meth.

"It’s people are out of their mind," said Lt. Neil Hunter, WPD. "They’re capable of doing literally anything when they are on that drug."

Jones talked to police about suicide, but they’re questioning, what his intentions were with that extra magazine of ammo, especially with a violent criminal past.

He has been charged with five new felonies.

While police, don’t advise stepping in like this – they’re recognizing this bravery.

"If it happened again I wouldn’t change anything," Gottschalk said.

"No I wouldn’t either," said Jones.

Next Wednesday, Wyandotte police are hosting an active shooter class for folks, just like Stinson and Gottschalk. You can sign up on their facebook page.