COVID-19 fears at FCA Sterling Heights Plant

"From 6:30 until 2 in the morning we didn't work," said a Fiat Chrysler Plan Worker. 

It all started Saturday night at Fiat Chrysler in Sterling Heights, an impromptu work stoppage that went on until Sunday morning. 

It was a form of protest that happened after employees received an email from an FCA spokesperson, stating one of their co-workers had been sent home for COVID-19 testing.

"But today it's like normal production," a plant worker said. 

The UAW released a statement saying "The UAW's priority is the safety of our members and their families and communities. Under the protocols that we worked out when there are concerns, the UAW and our members work with FCA to address those concerns. In this case it was deep cleaning the area and addressing safety precautions."

According to a published report, FCA echoed those same sentiments, but the employee who talked to us said the plant has not been cleaned sufficiently. She said she and her co-workers are concerned about what she said is a lack of social distancing. 

"We're just putting ourselves at risk coming here every day," she said. "We all use the same bathrooms. It's no way to really avoid it."

And to make matters worse, she said management is trying to keep her and her co-workers in the dark. 

While this employee is worried, she said she had no choice but to work because like everyone else, she has bills to pay.