CPL holder accidentally shoots self inside Macomb Co. Kroger

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Shane was working his job at the grocery store when he heard a pop.

"Everyone jumped. We thought it was a balloon that might have popped," he says. Shane would soon learn, though, that popping sound was really gunfire.

"One of the cashiers was freaking. They ran behind service desk and hid there," he says. "I was a little shook up but I was OK."

Moments later, deputies from the Macomb County Sheriff's Office started arriving on scene -- the Kroger at 21 Mile and Card roads in Macomb. 

"Police came; there was like 16 other cars," Shane says. 

Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says a 23-year-old CPL holder from Macomb Township was with a friend in the seasonal aisle when his gun went off.

“When I say he was adjusting his holster, this is a statement that is coming from him and, obliviously, somehow pressure was put on the trigger and the gun went off,” Wickersham says. He says the bullet went through his foot. 

The 23-year-old and his friend didn't wait for an ambulance and went to the hospital themselves. 

Officials at Kroger told FOX 2 in a statement, “We are glad that nobody was seriously injured and the customer left the store location okay.”

As the investigation continues, the sheriff says there will be charges in this case.  

“We did seek out charges on that, in the charge of Reckless Discharge of a Firearm,” Wickersham said.

Now some are wondering if supermarkets should become gun-free zones like schools.

“If it were up to me that would be the safest thing,” Shane says.