Crash kills 2 as Charger slams into semi cab on Telegraph

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A crash Tuesday morning in Taylor left two people dead and two people injured.

Happening at the intersection of Northline and Telegraph Road, the roadway was closed for hours after the carnage needed cleaning up.

Gas station surveillance video captured the moment a Dodge Charger ran a red light and slammed into a semi cab of a truck. The car was left in flames while witnesses can be seen running over with fire extinguishers.

Police said the driver remains hospitalized with serious injuries and is in critical condition. While Taylor police wouldn't release their name pending possible charges, the two that did die were passengers in the Charger - Heather Lee Hutchinson and Zachary Tyler Rich. 

"I just drove past to see this," said Tina Holden. "I rode past and my heart went into my stomach. I'm like, not again." Holden says her daughter and grandchildren were involved in a crash at the very same intersection last Friday. Luckily, they were not hurt.

The driver of the tractor trailer received minor injuries. 

Michigan State Police reconstructed the fatal accident on Tuesday and are working to determine how fast the Dodge Charger was going. Witnesses claim the Dodge Charger was traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic. Police found some items in the car that indicate the occupants of the car may have been intoxicated.

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"It was going fast, yeah. Really fast," said Curtis Abrams.

Not only did Abrams witness the crash, his dash-cam recorded it and he called 911.

"I saw an accident and was all shaken up about it like, that could have been me," he said.

"Just slow down, nothing is that important," Holden said. "At least you're here. It's a sad, sad situation."

While the car was registered out of Missouri, the occupants were local.