Crashes, fights and a gas pump left on fire in crazy Detroit gas station scene

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Crashes, fights and fire broke out at a Detroit Citgo station early Sunday morning.

"This is one of the craziest thing that I've ever seen in my life," said Dave Khazendar, the manager.

Security cameras at the station at Mt. Elliot and E. Grand Blvd recorded the entire scene early Sunday at 4:45 a.m.

A silver car pulled into the gas station, already having front end damage and a shattered rear window. A yellow car entered the station and the lady handed over her two kids.

"This lady with two kids has a problem with the people in this car," he said.

Words were exchanged but instead of pulling away, the driver of the yellow car got gas and the driver even appeared to flag down a red SUV.

The SUV then stopped along with the damaged silver car at the entrance for another argument before the silver car pulls away, returning with more damage. 

"This is after they did bumper cars a few times, look at the hood," Khazendar said of the silver car which had the hood dangling off.

The silver car left, but when it comes back the SUV delivers a one-two punch ramming into it twice as the chaos continued.

"I couldn't believe that they were so reckless and just put so many people in danger," Khazendar said.

The cars darted in and around the station's lot, until the driver of the silver car lost control and crashed into the pump.

The driver backed up a couple feet and got out, but she was attacked by another person, who then turned her attention back to the car. She then removed the license plate on the silver car in an attempt to cover-up who caused the pump damage.

"She takes the plate off, hops in the car and tries to drive off," Khazendar said.

Everyone drove away, leaving the pump in flames.  Luckily the attendant working that night limited the damage to the pump alone - it could have spread to the entire station. 

Police have seen the footage and continue to search for the suspects.