Creepy clowns; regional mass transit proposal

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Part 1: Creepy clowns

What is behind the creepy clown phenomenon that has many metro Detroiters on edge?

Some are fearful that it could it get worse for Halloween.

On the panel:

Kuddles the Clown, a U.S. Army veteran who brings joy and laughter.

Dr. Gerald Shiener, a psychiatrist

Ralph Godbee, former Detroit police chief

Part 2: Regional mass transit

The Regional Mass Transit Authority has a proposal on the November ballot

The new plan would streamline bus and rail public transportation. Is this long overdue or just another tax hike?

On the panel:

Leon Drolet, former state representative

Dennis Cowan, leader of Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, CEO of Plunkett Cooney law firm.

Part 3:

Do the current clown sightings have you unnerved?