Crews begin sewer line repair in Fraser sinkhole situation

Nearly four months after the ground gave way, work on the sewer line repair shaft is under way on the massive sinkhole in Fraser.

"We never, ever want to have another sinkhole," said Candice Miller, Macomb County public works commissioner.

To prevent another sinkhole, you have to find out what caused this one, and that inspection is what started Wednesday morning in Fraser. 


"We'll know, at least in this immediate area, is what the condition of this pipe is and whether or not we have to do anything more than what we're planning to at this immediate time," Miller said.

What they've already done is install a bypass to allow waste water not to go into the Clinton River. Now, what they call asset management can begin to assess the damage of the collapsed pipe. 

"They're using robots, they're going to be using sonar, different kinds of things will go through and inspect the sewer. Not only the part that's been collapsed, but we actually have contracted for them to inspect 17 miles," Miller said.

Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols said everyone who has touched this project has done it a good job and has done it very well.

But some of the people who live in this area are concerned about the noise, including Rose Turner, who lives in condos across the street.

"At night you hear this boom boom, boom. It's like a punishment that they did at the concentration camps," she said.

Fox 2 was told that there will be two 10-hour shifts per day that will continue until this is done.

That could be four months. However, if this inspection doesn't take place, there could very well be more houses that would fall into the sinkhole. 

"I was crying like a baby when I watched that. All my memories went down the drain. All my beautiful ... I'm starting to cry," said Lillian Raimondi, whose house was torn down because of the sinkhole.

Now it's time for the robots to begin their inspection.