Crooks hit 15 different Jets locations in wave of break-ins

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For one crew of crooks the slogan "Let's Get Jet's" has taken on a whole new meaning.

They are accused of robbing the pizza places over and over again -- getting away with a lot of dough. Fifteen different locations over the last month and they believe the same crooks are responsible.

FOX 2 "Any idea why they are targeting all these Jets locations?

"No not really," said Justin McCarty, a Jets general manager. "It is sure kind of strange."

Justin McCarty is the general manager of the latest Jets Pizza location targeted by thieves at the Goddard Road location in Taylor.

They were caught on camera early Thursday morning breaking in.

"They pulled up very fast put the crowbar up to the door and then take a sledge hammer to the back of that," McCarty said. "Pull it open, go in the store, look for the safe."

All of it happened in a matter of a couple of minutes. On camera you can see the thieves making their way throughout the pizzeria.

The hooded bandits grab the safe drag it to the door and cram it into their getaway car.

"It is despicable, horrible, it pretty much ruins everybody's day," McCarty said. "A lot goes into getting things fixed. Some places can't even open up."

More than 15 Jets pizza locations in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County have been hit - believed to be by the same two or three guys. They appear to be wearing the same hoodies and using the same sledgehammer and crow bar.

There are surveillance images from the Jet's Pizza in Warren at 13 miles and Hayes and another location at 15 and Schoenherr.

The suspects are even driving the same two vehicles in many of the robberies - either a late 90's red or burgundy minivan or late 90s dark blue Jeep Cherokee.

McCarty says the big boss is making sweeping security changes since the thieves have been able to get away with quite a bit of cash.

"The president of our company John Jets is having GPS trackers placed in all the safes as of today," he said. "And extra reinforcement in the doors, security companies are updating everything so as soon as they go off, they are dispatching police

It was raining so they were unable to get the license plate in the surveillance video - if you recognize the guys call police right away.