Crowd demands refunds after performers don't show up

Crowds arriving for a soul music concert demanded refunds Sunday after the performers didn't play -- because promoters didn't pay them.

"We should get our refunds, we paid to see somebody," said Brent Mayberry.

Big-time soul stars including Dennis Edwards of the Temptations, Zapp, Norman Connors, Angela Winbush, and Tevin Campbell were expected to play.

But Darrell Meadows of Detroit didn't see these big soul stars. And Meadows paid $99 for two tickets.

"The promoters didn't pay them so they're did come out and perform," he said, wanting a refund.

FOX 2 asked for comment at the show ---we were denied entry to Hart Plaza by security.

Approximately 10 minutes later, FOX 2's Ron Savage was allowed in, and fans who bought tickets had plenty to say.

"I wanted to see Zapp but Zapp is not here. Everybody left because they didn't get paid," said Yolanda Leeth of Ypsilanti.

"We're complaining because all these people paid for a concert here today, and none of the performers are here and they don't want to give us our money back," Mayberry said.

"We're out $700," said Rita Dorsey. "They had us thinking they had soul food for VIP. They have nothing for VIP. We were supposed to be VIP,"

FOX 2 called the promoter and left a message on voicemail, and security on site explained the refund policy.

"As far as refunds on the tickets, it says at the time of purchase for the ticket ... there's no refunds,"

The ticket included a second show planned for Sunday at Hart Plaza but fans are saying they have no idea what to expect and the fans don't even know if they'll return.

UPDATE: Sunday, August 7

The same situation occurred on the second day of the festival.

Hart Plaza was fairly empty on Sunday, except for angry people holding on to expensive tickets for an event that did not happen.

People paid up to $65 per ticket -- many well in advance -- for the two-day event.

Only one musical act took the stage on Saturday.