Crowd of Trump supporters gather at Detroit's TCF Center again on Friday, demanding recount

A crowd of supporters for President Donald Trump continues to gather in downtown Detroit outside the TCF Center, where thousands of mail-in ballots were being tabulated after Election day. 

The crowd continues to grow Friday morning, with many waving Trump flags and chanting to have the vote in Michigan recounted. A heavy police presence is there as well with several roads being blocked off. 

The crowd is gathering in the area of Jefferson and Washington. Michigan State Police, deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Detroit police have been seen in the area. 

FOX 2 spoke to several protesters and all share the sentiment that they don't trust the integrity of this election. They believe there's been fraud in the votes. 

"It's not just myself, it's all of these people. It's people all over the country that are looking at this saying just something doesn't feel right. And until somebody takes a look at that I don't think this is really going to stop," one of the protesters said. 

Donald Trump has also continued to say this election is a sham but hasn't provided substantial proof yet of election fraud. The president blasted Detroit Thursday night saying it's one of the most politically corrupt cities in the country. 

With several key swing states still tabulating ballots that have eaten into the president's lead in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump took time during a press conference Thursday evening to attack the election systems in Michigan where he referenced several dubious claims like ballots were being dropped off or duplicated after counting had finished in the TCF Center - both of which are unsubstantiated arguments.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Michigan on Wednesday to stop counting the ballots, saying Republican challengers weren't allowed to observe the counting of absentee election votes at the TCF Center - which has been proven false. The lawsuit was also dropped by a judge the next day

Absentee ballots were counted at the TCT Center, where some 134 counting boards were set up. Each party was allowed one poll watcher per board, said City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

She said she was not aware of any Republican poll watchers being removed but noted some had been “very aggressive, trying to intimidate the poll workers and processors.”

Mark Brewer, former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, said he was inside the convention center and access was cut off to some people from both sides at one point because of capacity restrictions related to the pandemic.

"I saw a lot of other workers who were just, the integrity was maintained there the entire time. And to think that our president is dismissive of that is not only sad but it's just disheartening and I don't think that it speaks well to young voters in our country," said Eboni Taylor, who's with Mothering Justice.