Customer asks Detroit bar worker to wear a mask, sparking ugly tirade

As people get used to the mask mandate there has been no shortage of tension over who is or is not wearing one.
The latest confrontation went down at Detroit's Starter's Bar and Grill bar when a bartender refused to wear a face covering.

It appears to have been an isolated incident but Starter's is not taking it lightly. The employee in question has been suspended.

"My waitress was excellent she had on her mask the whole time, no problem. My only issue was the person talking over my food and as I noticed, that is why she got irate when I started recording," said Andrea Williams. "She was speaking over everybody's food." 
And Andrea Williams says that person was a bartender at the Starter's on Plymouth. Williams snapped pictures with video of the unmasked worker Wednesday.

This, as health officials renew the push for the public to wear the face coverings amidst a rise in COVID-19 cases.

"When I asked her not to speak over my food, she began to just berate me and call me names and nobody was able to calm her." 
Williams claims the bartender even talked about fighting her.
"It was just a lot of very derogatory, 'People don't really know' 'I'll beat this (expletive). She called me the b-word, I would say, about 20 times," Williams said. 
The manager and owner were made aware of what happened and Williams says both were extremely apologetic.

Starter's released a statement saying the employee in question has been suspended and its team will be re-trained on CDC and state safety measures.
Starter's management went on to say in their statement, "We want to ensure that all our past, present and future customers know that safety is a top priority to the Starter's brand, and we pride ourselves on the safety of our employees and customers."