Customers shut down water meeting after 4% rate hike announced

Wednesday night's water commissioners meeting in Detroit had to shut down early.

At least one woman was nearly arrested, angry about her rising bill as the board voted to raise rates by 4 percent.

Many customers who gave public comments say the increase in fees is making water less and less affordable especially for the city's poorest. 
"They start off the meeting saying 90 percent of people are paying their bills and that's good and all,” said Sylvia Orduno. “But the 10 percent of people in this city who are living in straight up poverty cannot keep up with those bills which is why they can't get any higher than that. 

"These drainage fees are nothing more than a scam," said Demeeko Williams. "And I'm not going to pay the drainage portion, if you took it out of the combined sewer and drainage portion of the bill."

Advocates insist the water department should go to an income based billing structure for customers.
The 4 percent increase is set to go in effect July 1.