Dad of teen who shot police officers by mistake: 'It tore him up'

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A shotgun blast leaves two police officers injured -- and a nineteen year old suspect in handcuffs. The young man's father insisted his son was acting in self-defense.

Outside on Detroit's Lesure Street, 19-year-old Juwan Plummer stands beside his mother and younger brother. Plummer, who is now out on bond, is charged for shooting and injuring the officers.

"The fact that he actually injured someone - on top of that, police officers -- it scares him to death," said Vincent Redd, his father.

Plummer became emotional days earlier after hearing the seven charges against him, including intentional discharge of a firearm in a building causing serious injury.

Plummer faces up to 20 years in prison.

"It's not even so much the idea of him going to prison," Redd said. "It's the fact that he actually hurt somebody."

Teen who shot at 'burglars', charged in shooting 2 Detroit police officers
Teen who shot 2 Detroit officers was firing 'warning shot' at suspected burglars

Plummer's father Vincent Redd says Sunday night his son had already been shaken up, from an apparent attempted break-in the week before and didn't know that officers had been called to investigate suspicious activity across the street.

"They'd been looking at this house and that house," Redd said. "He was in the basement and he heard a noise on the side of the house coming towards the front."

That's when Plummer fired a single shot through a front window. Redd says, his son was trying to scare away who he thought were burglars.

But Prosecutors on Wednesday said the two young officers in full uniform banged on the door.

"He never heard anyone announce themselves," Redd said. "He just saw flashlights down by the window and heard a noise approaching the porch."

The shotgun blast grazed one officer in his arm, but his partner, hit in the face with two pellets. One pellet became lodged in his jaw.

"When he heard that one of the police officers had been shot in the face, instantly, it tore him up," Redd said.

Detroit police say that officer shot in face -- originally critical, is thankfully, doing much better. He remains stable Friday after undergoing surgery to reattach his jaw.

"Once again our hearts and our prayers and well wishes go out to the officers and their families," Redd said.

Meanwhile Redd says he's working to find an attorney for his son who he says genuinely thought he was in danger. But he understands it did happen and is prepared to face the consequences.