Dangerous heat moving in to SE Michigan as heat index hitting almost 110

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Statistically speaking we are in the hottest stretch of the year. Practically speaking... it's also the hottest stretch of the year. And we're about to feel it.

After a very comfortable start to July, the heat is building and, if you thought it was hot Monday or Tuesday, Thursday through Saturday is going to feel a lot worse.

Wednesday we'll start to heat up, reaching the upper 80s but Thursday it starts to really get turned up. 

Thanks to a warm front allowing hot air to make it up from the south, and a heck of a lot of humidity with it, the mercury will begin to rise.  Wednesday will be the most manageable day, with a heat index of "only" 94 degrees.  But starting Thursday it starts to become dangerous as the numbers climb to over 100 degrees each afternoon until late in the weekend.  

With the chance of rain and extremely high heat, download the FOX 2 Weather Authority App for live radar and updates.

The forecast for Thursday shows 92 degrees but it's going to feel almost ten degrees hotter.

The heat index for Thursday is expected to be 101.

It will be the hottest time we've seen not just this month, but this entire year.  And it doesn't get better.

Friday is expected to hit 95 with heat index of 108.

Saturday will be 94 with heat index of 104.

The worst part, if you ask me, is that we won't get any relief overnight! Lows drop to about 75 but starting at 8am it will already feel like 86 degrees! By 11am the heat index will nearly 101 and considered "dangerous".  Yikes!

Don't forget to stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks if you work outside.  Heat exhaustion can set in quickly and can be very dangerous. If you know someone in this dangerous heat who needs help, there's a full list of cooling centers here.

And, because we need to know the history, just know that this heat isn't as bad as we had it last summer. At the end of June through July 5, we had 7 days in a row of temperatures above 90 degrees. 

There's some good news. Relief is on the way on Monday with highs only expected to hit 81 degrees.