DDOT taking public input on how to improve with mobile outreach centers

Officials with Detroit Department of Transportation are reaching out to the public for input.

"We need to be able to pop up where the people are," said Mikel Oglesby, DDOT executive director. "The pop-up meetings are critical because we need input."

That input will help drive DDOT's future as the public transit provider is reimagining public mobility.

"It’s a new day and we’re really excited," he said.

On Monday DDOT officials started their two-month public outreach campaign to share the details of their draft plan for DDOT Reimagined.

It is a three-part plan which will work to redesign the city’s bus system to better meet the needs of passengers.

"DDOT reimagined is going to look at the service we have and is going to say this is the service that’s required, and then we have to find the resources to expand," Oglesby said.

Parked outside the Spirit of Detroit is DDOT’s Mobile Engagement Center. It will go to pop-up events where the public can hop on board and learn about the project and make their voice heard.

"They need to put more money for future DDOT buses for the handicapped," said Delia Martinova.

"Reduce the bus fare, it (used to be) a quarter and now it’s $2 and I can hardly afford it," said Gloria Gardner.

As DDOT officials take in feedback, another issue they’re working on is getting more operators to drive their buses

"We anticipate down the road, hopefully with the ability to raise the operators' pay, which we’re working currently with the union that we’ll get more operators and as we get more operators we’ll get more service," said Oglesby.

To learn how you can weigh in on DDOT's future go HERE.