Dead woman found in Hines Park I-D'd as Olivia Rossi of Westland

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The London Townhouses in Westland are the last place Olivia Rossi was seen alive. 

The last few days her family has been looking for her everywhere, and on Friday they got the call they were dreading - Olivia was found dead in Hines Park.

"I feel like a piece of me is gone forever I'm not going to be the same after this," said Raquel Rossi, the victim's twin sister.  

Raquel Rossi should be celebrating her 24th birthday next week with her twin sister Olivia. But this birthday and all the rest, won't be the same. 

"We felt like she was in trouble and in distress," Raquel said. "But I guess it didn't click."

Raquel says Monday Olivia went to visit a male friend they've known since high school at the London Townhouses near Ann Arbor Trail and Middle Belt in Westland.

That night, Raquel got a text from her sister saying their friend wasn't acting right.

"I was thinking the worst because she did text me saying that something was wrong," Raquel said.

Raquel texted back, asking if Olivia had her knife on her. Olivia said yes, and was never heard from again. 

The last place she was known to be right near Hines Park was where police zeroed in on Friday afternoon - finding Olivia dead, partially submerged in the Rouge River.  

Westland police have a suspect in custody - but won't confirm who it is. Olivia's family say it was that male friend, the one they told us was quiet and odd. 

"You just can't trust anybody, you never know what they've been through, you don't know if they have mental issues and apparently he did," Raquel said.

Raquel and her mom Audra were hoping Olivia would walk right through the door all week. 

"I just think she might come back home," said Audra Rossi, Olivia's mother.

They're still looking for a 'why.' Westland police not able to answer that question just yet. 

"There are a lot of nuts out there," Rossi said. "You can't trust anybody anymore."