Dearborn councilman says he was assaulted at funeral

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There's high price that comes with being a public servant including as one Dearborn city councilman learned, getting punched in the face.

"You know hopefully, I'm sure justice will be served and the courts will go through their actions," said Mike Sareini.

Councilman Mike Sareini says he and his 66-year-old mother were attacked outside the funeral for former Fordson High School Principal Imad Fadlallah

It happened at the Islamic Institute of Knowledge on Monday. Sareini says two men shot threatening looks his way inside so he, his wife and mom headed straight to their car after the service.

"We tried to exit in the proper way and then the altercation occurred," he said. "I'm just glad my mom and everybody is good."

Sareini says he knows the suspects and in a statement on his Facebook page suggests they're upset about the way he conducts city business.

"We have processes that you have to go through and we adhere to them," Sareini said. "And when somebody doesn't like the process, that's just not the way to handle it."

Sareini would not detail the men's gripes and he also denied rumors he pulled out a gun during the altercation.

"That his absolutely false," he said. "I'm an attorney licensed in the state of Michigan and first of all you cannot even carry a firearm into that kind of institution.

"I consented and requested to a search of my full car, person and body, I did not carry a firearm or brandish a firearm and I hope they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

No comment from Dearborn police but they are investigating the incident.