Dearborn donut shop fined after allegedly violating COVID-19 restrictions

"I'm not aware it's illegal to operate a donut shop under the public health code," said Attorney, David Kallman. "I never heard such a thing."

Kallman was unaware, until now - when Donutsville USA in Dearborn was cited with a misdemeanor by Dearborn Police for a health code violation of people gathering. 

"To my knowledge, this is the first citation that's been issued that we've been told about," Kallman said. 

It happened last Thursday, allegedly, when two customers were inside.

"The husband and wife came in and the husband went to use the facilities and she was waiting and that's when police came in," Kallman said. 

The owners, the Porado family, lawyered up and hired Kallman. He represented the Mid-Michigan barber who defiantly disregarded the COVID-19 emergency orders. The future of his operating license is still in limbo. 

"This case was a little different," Kallman said. "I think thIs was a shock to the owners of Donutville,"

There were multiple attempts to contact Dearborn Police, but they were unsuccessful. So, it's unclear where their directive to ticket came from, or what the shop's owners are going on the hook for. 

"I've heard some people have been threated or cited with $500 fines and I heard up to $1,000 fines, so I don't know," Kallman said. 

Legal fees to fight this case could rack up to $10,000. The family started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the possible expenses. 

"They're passing these orders as if they are the law, but they're not passed by the legislature," Kallman said.