Dearborn EMT stops ambulance mid-trip to tell off tailgater

A video taken in Dearborn shows an EMT driving an ambulance stopping his vehicle to tell off a driver tailgating him on the Southfield Service Drive.

The driver was following him down the road near Michigan Avenue.

"You can follow on ambulance but you need to stay safely behind it," said Dearborn Police Commander David Robinson.

The driver appears very close to the ambulance.

"It's 500 feet, that's what the law written especially if the ambulance is running with lights and sirens," Robinson said.

The ambulance in the video had its lights on during the time of the incident.

The EMT stopped the vehicle, and got out of the ambulance looking unhappy.

"If the emergency equipment is operating, it's for somebody's safety, that there's actually an emergency," Robinson said.

This may have been what the EMT was saying to the man.

"Sometimes ambulances have to stop abruptly. Sometimes they have to change lanes quickly in order to arrive safely," Robinson said.

EMS and rescue services are run by the fire department, but tickets are written by the police department.

Dearborn District court said that ticket will cost you $240 and 2 points on your record.

Some may be asking why did the guy driving the ambulance would stop and get out in the school the driver.

The Deputy fire chief said that seconds count but the greater risk at the time was the driver following too closely.

"If they're following that closely and becoming a problem, I can see a situation where you would need to tell somebody to eliminate that emergency safety issue," Robinson said.