Dearborn Heights students planning walkout to protest principal's suspension

Students at a Dearborn Heights high school are planning to walk out of the building in solidarity with a principal who was recently suspended.

Those enrolled at Annapolis High School plan to walk to the district's Board of Education building around 11 a.m. to protest the Superintendent's decision to suspend Aaron Mollett. His temporary removal happened during a difficult week for the community after a student died by suicide.

Mollett's suspension has frustrated parents and students, leaving many confused by the reason due to the principal's standing in the community.

It's unclear why he was suspended, but in an email to parents Superintendent Ty Weeks wrote "we appreciate your concerns and are thanking you in advance for your patience and Mr. Mollett's privacy as we work through this situation."

"We understand that our staff members and families want information about the ‘why’ behind Mr. Mollett's absence from Annapolis High School. However, this matter requires the district to exercise patience and privacy as we work through this sensitive issue. We ask for your understanding as we work to resolve this matter in a way that is respectful of all parties involved."

In a follow-up email regarding the scheduled walk-out, Weeks wrote the district supported the student's position to "actively express their voices."

"We are clear that our students are expected to be in school and to remain on school grounds. Students may only be excluded from our campuses with parental permission in advance of an off-campus event. Our work with our student leaders is focused on ensuring that any demonstration is conducted orderly and respectfully to the community. With advisement from law enforcement, we discourage our students from gathering at any sites off our campus."